02Apr, 2020

Free trial version of Microsoft Teams for companies

COVID-19 affects the life of people around the world. Travel restrictions and new rules for public gatherings are changing the daily routines of millions. Microsoft takes an active role to minimize physical contact and in the prevention of the spread of the virus.

We will be providing Microsoft Teams to all new and existing clients, completely free of charge for 6 months!

Taking advantage of an opportunity, companies can make it easier to communicate with employees and use online office applications.

The official name of the package: Office 365 E1 Trial, which works for 6 months from the date of installation, there isn’t a mandatory extension. The contents of the package are the same as the contents of the Office 365 E1 license package:

– Use Microsoft Teams on the mobile phone, tablet, computer or online
– Create up to 1000 users within an organization
– Online Office Applications: Word, Excel, OneNote ,etc.
– Document Sharing
– Video and Text Chat
– Team Meetings

Try it without obligation! After registration, you can order the package::

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