27Jan, 2020

CCTLDs enhance linguistic diversity on online

A new report quantifies the use of local languages in country-wide domains. The CENTR report shows that local languages are popular in cTLDs.

The primary language of more than half of the sites is English, but there are large differences between languages for each country-level domain.

CENTR requested Oxford Information Labs to test the hypothesis that ccTLDs support local languages.

This study represents a language analysis of 10 TLDs, comprising 16.4 million domain names from areas, where English isn’t the primary language.  They found than on average, 76% of web content associated with each TLD reflects the language spoken in the relevant country/territory.

The numbers have become even higher for TLDs, where the accented, internationalized domains are available.

Click on the link below  to download this report, which analyzes the .cat, .ch, .dk, .nl, .nu, .pt, .ru, .pф, .se, .sek.