Domain name service

The domain name is one of the cornerstones of web-based appearance. In the lack of domain names, web pages could only be accessed through their IP address. DotRoll brought domain name ordering to a new level by introducing fully electronic administration, including the .hu domains.

Wallet-friendly fees

In order to keep the initial costs of web-based presentation as low as possible, our domain fees are among the best in the market. Purchase a domain, use free web storage space and if you feel that you need more, we make it easy to upgrade.

ICANN accreditation

DotRoll is the only one ICANN accredited registrar in Hungary. Our company group manage international and national domain names since 2002 close relations with other domain registrars and registries around the world.

Electronic administration

Register, fill out the form, pay the fee and upload the contract. Or choose an international domain name, where no agreement is required, so the registration may be ready in 5 minutes!

Configurable DNS service

You can change the DNS settings of your domain in a few seconds and the settings will be updated on the web as soon as in 30 minutes. Plus, this domain-related service is free of charge!

Free static storage space

Are you satisfied with a web-based business card? No need of extensive storage space or a difficult CMS system? Use our free storage solution providing 50 MB web space.

Free e-mail redirection

If you have a favorite email provider that you wish to redirect to a domain-based email address, our team can setup the service for even as many as 10 email addresses - free of charge!