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How to setup Redis access on cPanel hosting?

On our web servers, it is possible to use the Redis database with the following parameters: uses the storage resources max 1 database max 100 MB database size listening unix domain socketen: /tmp/redis.sock password protected, password can be viewed/modifiy here: /var/run/redis/redis.pwd Setup: On the cPanel interface, open to the Cron Jobs menu, then add the following task by running it every 5 minutes. /etc/rc.d/init.d/redis-peruser check >/dev/null 2>&1 [...]

How to install phpMyAdmin on the cPanel webhosting

phpMyAdmin only can be accessed from cPanel, but because of the many menus and logins, this can cause problems with usability. On the cPanel interface, you must create a subdomain name under one domain name. The subdomain name can be created on the cPanel interface under Subdomains. For example: phpmyadmin.domain_name.tld. The default main page layout for cPanel is the Softaculous installer at the bottom of the page. Click [...]

How to create e-mailbox in cPanel?

Enter the cPanel interface with your username and password. You can access cPanel’s interface with any domain name that is included on the cPanel server. http://yourdomainname.tld/cpanel. Create a mailbox After logging in, find the Email Accounts menu, and click on it. On the page that appears, click the Create button. Set mailbox properties After loading the page, you must provide the following information: Under Domain, […]

Generate SSH key, or set it up

The common way to connect to the server via SSH is to use a username and a password. But to increase security, you can use a pair of keys(a private one and a public one) to connect to the server. The public key will be on the server. The private key will be on your computer. When you are trying to connect, the server compares the […]