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.cat .cat domain name - Spain

.CAT is a community domain extension. It was created for individuals and companies wanting to show the Catalan culture and language. Don’t waste your time, register today and target the right audience!

Features & Requirements

  • IDN Supported


CAT is a community domain extension reserved for individuals and companies intending to highlight the Catalan language and culture online. Whilst registrants of the .CAT domain can reside anywhere in the world, the registry only allows registrations from the following:

  • Educational or research institutions, and other academic entities that use Catalan in their academic activities or teach/promote aspects of Catalan culture.
  • Public or private entities whose aim is to promote the Catalan culture.
  • Writers, translators, proof readers, and journalists publishing (or contributing to) works in Catalan.
  • Publishing companies that publish works in the Catalan language or relating to the Catalan culture.
  • Media outlets using the Catalan language for their communications.
  • Individuals, groups, businesses, organisations, entities or initiatives, however constituted, carrying online communication in Catalan.
  • Individuals, groups, businesses, organisations, entities or initiatives, however constituted, proving their inclusion in the Community by way of sponsorship from other members of the Community in the form established in the Registration Policies.
  • Members of the .CAT registry, Fundació puntCAT.

Declaration of intended use

The .CAT registry asks that when application is made, the registrant provide an accurate declaration of intended use for the domain name. If the intended use does not match the original application, or the intended use changes, the registry may ask for an explanation. The registry will then decide whether the domain name remains active, or is blocked.

Defensive registration

The .CAT registry allows registered trademark owners to apply to register a domain name, even if they don’t meet the registration requirements. The domain names are not to be used so will not resolve. Defensive registration is for trademark owners wanting to protect against trademark infringement.

.cat registry information

.cat Price

Registration 36.19 € / year
Bruttó: 36.19 € / year *
Transfer 36.19 € / year
Bruttó: 36.19 € / year *
Renew 36.19 € / year
Bruttó: 36.19 € / year *

.cat Format

Minimum length 3 characters
Maximum length 63 characters
Numbers Allowed (full-numeric)
Hyphen Allowed (middle only)
IDN Allowed

.cat Registration Period

Minimum subscription period 1 year
Minimum renewal period 1 year
Renewal increment 1 year
Registration delay n.a
Can be renewed at any time Allowed

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