Service Box

This Guide will help you to add Service Box. Drag and Drop Service Box Drag and Drop Service Box from left side widget panel as shown in image below. Now in Dialog Box of Service Box you can Customize Service Box. Select Content Style of your Service Box as shown in image below.     Service Box Media Type Select Media type you want to display in your Service Box. We have selected Font Icon. As we selected Font […]


Drag & Drop Embed Widget When you Drag and Drop Embed Widget in a Page, You will see the image like below.     Embed Settings Write or paste HTML code in textarea box and you can give style also. Check the checkbox if you want’s full-width and height available in current div of a page.       Embed Style Edit Element style gives custom style in that […]


When the first Theme is selected it automatically gives the Predefined Style for Tabs but if you want to Customize Tabs you can follow this guide. Drag and Drop Tabs from left side widget section then a Dialogue Box will pop up by this action for Tabs as shown in image below .     Now in Settings section of Dialog Box you can open Tab and add text of your own as shown in image below.     In Settings section of Dialogue Box you can […]

Download the Website

Go to SitePad Editor From your Control Panel click on SitePad Website Builder. You will be redirected to SitePad Editor Server.     Once you are redirected to the Editor Server you will see Download button in the top bar.     Download ZIP File Click on Download Now button to download the website files in ZIP package.     Once the ZIP file is downloaded, upload that file on […]

Change Language

You can change the SitePad Editor Language in two ways (second one is easier). From Navigation Bar You can change language from the Navigation bar. i.e On Top Navigation bar where you see the selected language name being displayed you can hover on the name. This will open a drop down list of available languages you can select your desired language. Check out the example below. […]