Hosting service

DotRoll's Linux-based web storage services offer reliable hardware, carefully tested software and adequately trained customer support for creators of PHP and MySQL-based homepages.


The most common domain and webhosting control interface. Here you can easily manage your domains, databases, connections, reach the visitor logs, see the resources you used.


We review your files daily and if website's source code vulnerability found, You immediately notified. This prevents viruses and malware from causing damage to you, our to your customers.

E-mail Accounts

With the DotRoll Basic storage space plan you can freely divide the available e-mail storage space into the number of accounts set out in the plan. In addition, you may add redirections of any number, which multiplies the possibilities.

Custom filters and spam filter

You can customize our filter using the webmail interface. You can freely block senders, add exceptions or set up the spam filter.

PHP support

The PHP programming language has emerged as a quasi-industry standard. With the DotRoll Basic storage space we offer a safe environment due to the up-to date software basis, but the settings provide utmost freedom. With the DotRoll Plus storage space plan you can even customize the settings!

MySQL database

Our DotRoll Basic storage space uses the widespread MySQL 5.1 database management software. We keep the systems updated, therefore you don’t have to worry about malfunctions due to missing components.

With the DotRoll Plus storage space you can create more, individual databases with private rights, so you don’t have to worry about interfering processes.

Redirecting domains into folders

With DotRoll Basic storage space you can redirect your domains registered by DotRoll into different folders of the purchased storage space. Thereby you can operate more, entirely separate home pages.

FTP uploading

You can access the DotRoll storage spaces using the FTP protocol for uploading; you don’t have to hassle with web-based interfaces. If you have a lot to upload, you can leave it for the night and it goes on automatically. If you have DotRoll Plus storage space plan, you can create more FTP accounts limited to folders.

Running scheduled scripts

If you have DotRoll Plus storage space plan, you can run your applications scheduled. The settings can be specified using a convenient interface.

SSH access

If you have DotRoll Plus storage space plan, you can log in using SSH. So you can expand the uploaded archives on the server, run scripts or edit your files online. We also provide a full bash command line with the SSH access!