Previously registered domain names that can be re-registered! .hu domain names, in case of non-renewal, after a 105-day deletion period, can be registered again by anyone. In many cases, highly valuable domain names can be re-registered. The value may be comes from the fact that they used for high traffic website in the past, or that they are a well-sounding domain, only the previous owner did not use and let it expire.

Start your website with a well-sounding domain name and don't let your competitor get it. The list of the releasing domain names can be found below, where you can order the registration also.

Domain Release date
Domain Release date

Why to register your domain name with us? You can enjoy the following benefits, among others, with the domain names registered with us:


With the provision of DNSSec, we ensure to protect our clients from counterfeit attacks and hijacks.

.HU Electronic Registration

Now it’s even simpler!

You can complete the registration of your new .HU Domain without signed documents!

Lightning-fast deployment!

Your domain registration, transfer or modification applications for over 500 domain endings are processed within seconds automatically, without paperwork.

ICANN accreditation

Cégünk Magyaroszág egyetlen ICANN akkreditált regisztrátora, valamint nemzetközi domain neveket 2002 óta kezelünk szoros kapcsolatokat ápolva további domain regisztrátorokkal szerte a világon.

Availability of 99.9%

We provide our DNS services with internationally redundant availability of 99.9% with servers located in server centers in Hungary and France.

Upgraded domain manager

You can easily manage all domain operations in a one stop system from a wide range of Hungarian and international domains.

Free e-mail redirection

Do you already have a proven e-mail provider and you wish to use an e-mail address under your domain without leaving your provider? Redirect even 10 e-mail addresses to any third party provider for free!

Free static webspace

Is it enough to have an internet business card? Do you need no extensive webspace or complicated CMS system? Use our 50 MB free webspace solution.

Wallet-friendly prices

In order to reduce the initial costs of starting a website, our domain prices are among the most favorable ones in the market. Purchase a domain, use a free webspace, and if you feel that you need more, upgrade simply.
A domainvilág legutóbbi hírei

182019 júl
Az Internet angol, de a ccTLD-k nem

Az Internet angol, de a ccTLD-k nem

Egy új jelentés számszerűsíti a helyi nyelvek használatát az országszintű domain nevekben

042019 júl
Árrobbanás a legnépszerűbb tárhelyszoftver licenszelésében

Árrobbanás a legnépszerűbb tárhelyszoftver licenszelésében

A cPanel múlt héten jelentette be új árazási struktúráját ami többszörösére növelheti a licenszdíjakat