Microsoft Teams - Free Trial for six months

Microsoft Teams offers comprehensive communication and collaboration services that can replace traditional email-based messaging. Teams is also available on PC, Apple MAC, Linux and mobile platforms.

Microsoft Teams offers:

  • Create groups
    Microsoft Teams makes it easy to create groups where you can invite internal and external partners. Within the groups, you can also create different channels to separate the topics. Groups or channels can be organizational-level, meaning that every member of the organization can see the content published there, or it can be restricted to a single department, the submitted content takes place within that group or channel, so the content created there, also preserved. Within groups or channels, you can even create polls using Microsoft Forms. The number of applications that can be connected is constantly expanding.
  • Start a group or private conversation
    During conversations, you have the option to initiate shared conversations within a group or channel where messages sent to a group or channel can be seen by a participant, and you can also create private conversations. The monotony of conversations can be throw with emojis, animated GIFs, or videos.
  • Video conferencing
    During video conferencing, it is also possible to exchange messages, share or collaborate documents. In addition, you can share either the screen of an application or the entire screen. Video conferencing also includes the Whiteboard, which is useful for taking notes, and its content will of course be available after the conference is over. One of the interesting things about the video conference is that the program offers the opportunity to keep only the participant’s image sharp, blurring everything else, so no distractions are added to the discussion. Video conferencing is useful not only within the organization but also with external partners. Also, access to shared information can be set individually. Video conferencing can be accessed by authorized people at any time, even from a desktop or from mobile device.
  • Gives you the ability to edit files together
    You can open shared documents / files within the conversations and video conferences from your computer or from OneDrive and even make minor changes, while also allowing online editing.

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FAQ - Microsoft Teams

How long does the trial last and is it really free?
The free trial lasts 6 months from activation of the tenant and it's absolutely free with no hidden costs.
How many team members can use the trial?
The free trial supports up to 1000 users.
What happens after the trial period ends?
You can purchase Office 365 or if you decide not to buy Office 365, you can't either cancel your trial.
Will I have access to the Microsoft Office applications?
Yes. You can use the most common software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.