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How to setup FileZilla FTP client

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The data given in the picture is an illustration! You can find your actual settings in the administration interface!

Full-featured FTP program, free. It supports firewall, custom commands, queuing multiple files, etc.

After starting the program, click on “File -> Favorite Places ..”. Here we can add a new FTP connection.

Click the “New Station” button. You can enter the name of the station.

FileZilla Opening screen

FileZilla Opening screen

Then enter the information required to connect:

  • Address: cpanelusername.loginssl.com
  • Port: 21
  • Server Type: FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • Username: Your cPanel login name
  • Password: Your cPanel password
FileZilla Connection settings

FileZilla Connection settings

You may also want to select “Passive” under “Transmission Mode” on the “Transmission Settings” tab.

FileZilla Passive mode

FileZilla Passive mode

You can then click the Connect button.

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