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Use a .PFX format certificate in cPanel webhosting

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By default, PKCS # 12 / PFX is used in the Microsoft® Windows environment. On UNIX-based machines, you can also install .pfx extensions, but the .pfx extension must be converted before installing Apache as PEM format (.pem, .crt, .cer, and .key).

Convert using external website

Conversion can be done on the following website:


If you do not want to convert via the webpage, you can also use command line conversion based on the following command pattern:

Convert using Linux:

openssl pkcs12 in certificate.pfx -out certificate.cer -nodes

Convert using Windows:

It is necessary to install the OpenSSL library which can be obtained from the following page:


After the installation, the conversion from the Windows command line can be done based on the following pattern:

cd C: \ Program Files \ OpenSSL-Win64 \ bin
openssl pkcs12 in d: \ Temp \ cert.pfx -out d: \ Temp \ cert.pem -nodes

After the conversion, the certificate will be a single file, the private key, so the resulting file should be opened with a word processor and the certificate and CACert must be inserted from the cPanel interface.

The certificate on the cPanel interface can be downloaded from the SSL/TLS menu under the Certificates (CRT) submenu.

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