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Setup Tortoise SVN

Generate SSH key, or set it up Connect via SSH PuTTY login In Host Name (or IP address), enter the name of your main domain. Port is the default port 22. Next, click the "+" sign next to SSH. PuTTY login In the Private key file for authentication box, enter the key for the cPanel interface or the private key that you created earlier.You can [...]

How to connect the database with SSH tunnel

For development purposes, we provide SSH access to our MySQL server from the Plus hosting package. To create a connection, you must create an SSH key pair on the cPanel interface. Then we can use PuTTY to connect to SSH through the SSH protocol, but the tuner must be set before the connection. To do this, follow these steps:   In the left part of the window, [...]

Generate SSH key, or set it up

The common way to connect to the server via SSH is to use a username and a password. But to increase security, you can use a pair of keys(a private one and a public one) to connect to the server. The public key will be on the server. The private key will be on your computer. When you are trying to connect, the server compares the […]

Creating and editing a file via SSH

There are several ways to create a file through SSH. In this article, we will present the file creation with two types of word processors. nano - for beginner users vim - for advanced users If you are editing files from a cumbersome command line, we recommend that you create a file via FTP, you can use this description below: Create and modify a file via FTP [...]