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How to setup Redis access on Plesk hosting?

On our web servers, it is possible to use the Redis database with the following parameters: uses the storage resources max 1 database max 100 MB database size listening unix domain socketen: /tmp/redis.sock password protected, password can be viewed/modifiy here: /var/run/redis/redis.pwd Setup: In the hosting manager interface, in the box at the top left, select Scheduled Tasks and click Add Task. In the Command field, enter the /etc/rc.d/init.d/redis-peruser check command. [...]

How to install phpMyAdmin on the cPanel webhosting

phpMyAdmin only can be accessed from cPanel, but because of the many menus and logins, this can cause problems with usability. On the cPanel interface, you must create a subdomain name under one domain name. The subdomain name can be created on the cPanel interface under Subdomains. For example: phpmyadmin.domain_name.tld. The default main page layout for cPanel is the Softaculous installer at the bottom of the page. Click [...]

How to create database in Plesk interface

To create a database, log on to the Plesk interface, and then click Databases in the left sidebar. In the right part of the page, click the Add Database button. On the page that appears, enter the following information: database name select the related page on the Related Site option in the Users section, enter the database username and password Check the User's access to [...]