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Recovery of international domains

Warning! Our company does not yet provide international domain recovery services! You may recover your international domain for 30 days after expiry. Be warned, the recovery costs may be many times the registration fee!

What is the auth code / EPP when transfering international domain names?

The AUTH (or EPP) code is for your security. If you wish to transfer your domain, you will get this code via e-mail. Without this, your domain cannot be transferred.

Get an authorization code to transfer my domain to another registrar

If you want to transfer your domain to another company, the other company may ask for an authorization code (also known as EPP codes) to verify that you own the domain name. If you need an authorization code to transfer a domain to DotRoll instead, see What is the auth code / EPP when transfering international domain names? To get an authorization code Log in the DotRoll [...]

International domain name registration

Documents For ordering an international domain name, you don’t need to sign or upload any documents. Registering your domain Register on DotRoll.com Order your domain name Payment. You may proceed via credit/debit card or via wire transfer. You may transfer money from any account, but you have to mark your domain name in question. Your domain name will be created and is usable in just […]

International domain name transfer

After registering a new domain or modify the domain contact data, it is locked for 60 days. Can not be transferred! Domain transfers are done using the administrative contact's e-mail address. Before starting, please verify the e-mail address exists and is accessible. You may check the whois record of your domain using the following site: http://www.internic.net/whois.html Ask your current registrar to release the domain lock. [...]