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Using FTP with WinSCP

WinSCP is a free, open source FTP/SFTP/SCP client, with support for multiple encryption schemes.

Using FTP with Total Commander

The data given in the picture is an illustration! You can find your actual settings in the administration interface! Total Commander is an easy to use file manager with FTP support. Launch Total Commandert, then click the FTP entry in the Network menu or simply click the FTP button. Total Commander main window Now click New connection… and enter your details Connetc to FTP servers [...]

How to setup FileZilla FTP client

The data given in the picture is an illustration! You can find your actual settings in the administration interface! Full-featured FTP program, free. It supports firewall, custom commands, queuing multiple files, etc. After starting the program, click on "File -> Favorite Places ..". Here we can add a new FTP connection. Click the "New Station" button. You can enter the name of the station. FileZilla [...]

DotRoll free hosting

If you buy a domain from DotRoll Kft, you can use a 50 MB static storage space free of charge. This means that the dynamic-based system (forum, content manager, blog) cannot be operated from this repository, however, we can store our pages created in raw HTML, with editors if necessary. For technical reasons, free hosting can only be used if you use DotRoll Ltd. name [...]

Creating and editing a file via cPanel internal File Manager

You can create a file through FTP or SSH, and you can access the descriptions below through the following links: Creating and editing a file via FTP Creating and editing a file via SSH The following description is just an example of how to create or modify a file with cPanel's built-in File Manager. Following the description, make sure you create the file at the [...]

Illegal PORT command

If you are behind a router (NAT) or firewall while using FTP, you must enable passive mode in your FTP client.


FTPS is the secure version of the commonly used FTP protocol. If possible, use FTPS instead of FTP.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol for copying files to remote sites. Due to the fact, that it was born in the early years of the internet, no encryption was implemented. To remedy the situation, FTPS was invented. FTP has two modes of operation: active and passive. Active means, that the server connects back to the client to transfer data. This is only possible, if the […]

Creating and editing a file via FTP

The easiest way is to use FTP client to create and modify files on your storage. This method is much simpler than creating and editing command line files. Any FTP client program can be used, however, in this document, we will present the filezilla client as duplicate and modify the files. The program can be downloaded from the following link: Download Filezilla Of course, you can create [...]