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Create a SFTP connection with FileZilla client

On cPaneles servers, it is only possible to establish an SFTP connection with the FTP user associated with the hosting ID. Generate SSH key, or set it up Remove a password from the private key and set the key in FileZilla Start FileZilla. In the next step, click Edit / Preferences… in the top menu bar. In the popup window, click SFTP in the list […]

How to setup FileZilla FTP client

The data given in the picture is an illustration! You can find your actual settings in the administration interface! Full-featured FTP program, free. It supports firewall, custom commands, queuing multiple files, etc. After starting the program, click on "File -> Favorite Places ..". Here we can add a new FTP connection. Click the "New Station" button. You can enter the name of the station. FileZilla [...]