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Recovery of .hu domains

After the expiry of a .hu domain, you may recover the domain for 45+60 days. The domain may only be recovered by the owner or a legal successor.

Dispute resolution with .hu domains

Disputes with .hu domains are resolved by the advisory board. (Documents are only available in Hungarian.)

.hu domain names matching names of people

Owner of a domain name consistent with a person’s name could be only the owner of the person’s name or the owner of the person’s name have to give a significant authority to the registrar of the domain. The grant of name use document can be found at the download menu.

.hu Owner change

The domain owner change, i.e. Trade is paid service (the same as the new registration fee). Signed domain contract and additional documents must be uploaded. After the successful change, the new expiration date will be the changing date + two years. Replace the current owner of the domain name Sign in with https://admin.dotroll.com with your username and password In the top menu bar, click the Domains / My Domains menu. Select [...]

How to modify .hu owner and the contact data

For registered domain names, it is possible to modify certain data for the owner or contact person. Follow these steps to make the modify: Log in with your email address and password, and then click Domains / My Domains in the top menu bar. Next, click the domain name you want to change. Then, in the Manage box on the left sidebar, click Contact Information item. On the page that appears, [...]

How to change .hu technical contact

There is no need for a signed contract for replacing the domain name technical contact and replacement of the Technical Contact is free of charge. Replace the current tech contact of the domain name: Sign in with https://admin.dotroll.com with your username and password In the top menu bar, click the Domains / My Domains menu. Select the domain name for which you want to make the change and then click on [...]

.hu registration

Who can register a .hu domain name? any citizen of the European Union, of a Council of Europe, an EEA or EFTA country, or of a neighbouring country of Hungary, or a natural person having an ID card, passport or driving licence issued by one of these countries, or any natural person holding a permit for domiciliation in Hungary or any legal entity established by [...]

.hu electronic registration

For domain names ending with .hu, an electronic domain name registration is also possible. This means that if a new domain name is requested, it is not necessary to sign a paper-based contract. In the case of overlays and contact exchanges for domain names, the paper-based process remains. In the .hu namespace, the new registrations are currently being launched electronically. As a final step in [...]

.hu domain with cPanel provider

If you want to use a .hu domain with a cPanel service provider, there are several ways to do this. Convert your domain name server If your service provider fits with the .hu domain technical check, you can directly switch the domain name servers. (This is not the case in most cases.) See Technical check problems A record redirection If you choose this method, the service provider [...]

.hu transfer

Register on DotRoll.com Order your domain name Download and print the required documents. You may do this after clicking on the domain name in our system. In the case of a company, the contract must be signed by the owner or the authorized representative of the company. Upload your signed documents into our system. If you can not facilitate digital transfer, you may also send […]

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