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How to create a backup on DirectAdmin hosting

Create Backup 1.Sign in at https://admin.dotroll.com/ with your username and password! 2.Click the Services / My Services menu at the top menubar! 3.From your services, click DirectAdmin web hosting. 4.Then you can see the most important data of your hosting and a few options will be available by scrolling down, here click the Backup option! 5.Click the "Create Backup" button, then in the pop-up window, [...]

How I do restore my webpage, if somebody hacked?

Before restoring backups, we recommend backing up both the files and the database from the current state. The databases created on the storage and the data uploaded to the storage space will be saved every Sunday at the end of each weekday. Backups can be retrieved for 3 weeks. To access the backups, you must log in to the cPanel interface and then click on [...]