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Setup Tortoise SVN

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  • Generate SSH key, or set it up

  • Connect via SSH

    PuTTY login

    PuTTY login

    In Host Name (or IP address), enter the name of your main domain.

    Port is the default port 22.

    Next, click the “+” sign next to SSH.

    PuTTY login

    PuTTY login

    In the Private key file for authentication box, enter the key for the cPanel interface or the private key that you created earlier.
    You can then save the configuration, but you can also connect to your storage immediately.
  • Creating SVN directory

    The directory and the repository itself must be created through SSH:

       cd wwwroot
       mkdir svn
       cd svn
       svnadmin create reponeve
    Create SVN repo

    Create SVN repo

  • Setup TortoiseSVN

    In TortoiseSVN, only the name of the program required for the connection is required.

    TortoiseSVN Settings

    TortoiseSVN Settings

    Click the right mouse button in the folder, and select Tortoise SVN/Network menu
    TortoiseSVN Settings

    TortoiseSVN Settings

    Click the Browse button for SSH client, then enter the path for the folloving line:

      C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoisePlink.exe

    Next click Ok.

  • Checkout

    To set up the repository, click the right mouse button, then select SVN Checkout… menu



    To use SVN, you must specify the repository URL as follows:

    SVN repository URL

    SVN repository URL

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