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iPhone and iPad mail setup

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Reading time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Log in to the cPanel interface and create the mailbox you want to set up

  1. Use your device to log in to the cPanel interface.
  2. Create a mailbox! (How to create E-mailbox is cPanel?)

Download profile to your device

  1. After you have created the mailbox in the cPanel interface, scroll down to the Email accounts section in the Mailbox under Email accounts and click on Connect Tools.
    Connect Devices

    Connect Devices

  2. Tap the IMAP SSL/TLS link to download the profile with configuration settings.
    IMAP over SSL/TLS

    IMAP over SSL/TLS

  3. The interface will display the following message, approve it:
    Set Up Mail Client

    Set Up Mail Client

Setup procedure

The setup is similar for iPhone and iPad. To set up, follow the steps below:

  • Approve the warning message that appears to download the profile to your device.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu, where you tap Profile downloaded under your Apple profile.
  • The device will then load the data in the saved configuration file and display it, tap Install here.
  • Then tap the Install button at the bottom.
  • Enter the password for the mailbox you want to set up, then tap Next in the top right corner.
  • Finally, tap Done.

Quick setup Mail on iPhone

Quick setup Mail on iPad

Quick setup Mail on iPad

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