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This Guide will help you to add Image.

Drag and Drop Image

  • Drag and Drop Image from left side Widget panel as shown in image below.

Insert Media

  • When you Drag and Drop Image it will open Insert Media window as shown in image below.
  • Here you can select image from Media Library or you can upload Image by clicking on Upload Files.
  • You can also give URL of Image by clicking on Insert From URL as shown in image below.


Image Size

  • Once you have selected image you can see Dialog Box for Image.
  • Here you can Select or Replace Image if you want as shown in image below.
  • Select Image size from different options, you can also give Custom size, for that you need to select Custom option and then enter Width and Height(eg. 100×100).


  • Now select how you want to link your image by using Custom URL , Media File or Lightbox.
  • Give link if you select Custom URL or Media File in Link to section. If Don’t want to attach image with link then leave it as blank.
  • If you want to open link in New Tab then Check the box shown in image below.
  • If you want to Show Image Caption then check Show Image Caption box.

Image Alignment

  • Select Alignment for image as shown in image below.
  • If you want overlay over image then check the Overlay Hover Effect box. This effect will show up when Hover on image in website.

Image Overlay

  • If you want to add overlay over image then first check Overlay Hover Effect Box as shown in image below.
  • Now select Icon to display over image.
  • Select Color and Size for that Icon.
  • And in the end select Background color for Overlay as shown in image below.

Custom Style

  • You can add your Custom style by clicking on Edit Element Style as shown in image below.

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