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Who can register a .hu domain name?

  1. any citizen of the European Union, of a Council of Europe, an EEA or EFTA country, or of a neighbouring country of Hungary, or a natural person having an ID card, passport or driving licence issued by one of these countries, or
  2. any natural person holding a permit for domiciliation in Hungary or
  3. any legal entity
      1. established by virtue of law,
      2. entered in the records of or registered with an authority or court, or
      3. filing its respective application with the competent authority or court and commencing its operations pursuant and according to the law prior to such entry or registration,

    in the territory of the European Union, of a Council of Europe, an EEA or EFTA country or a neighbouring country of Hungary

  4. furthermore, the beneficiary of a trademark registered with the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office or granted protection rights in Hungary.

Delegation of domains directly under a second level public domain may be applied for by any domestic or foreign natural person or legal entity.

Check domain available

Before registering a domain name, you should verify that the domain name you are trying to register is not yet registered.

You can start checking on https://admin.dotroll.com using the search box under Begin the search for your perfect domain name….

Enter the domain name in the search box without any prefixes (http://, https://, www.), and then click the Search button. The system also verifies that other domain name endings have this option for registering a domain name.

Order a .hu domain

  1. If the domain name you choose is not yet registered, click Add to Cart, followed by the Checkout button.
  2. On the next page you have the option to choose a hosting service for the domain name you want to register, or you can set the name of the domain name to be registered. After you have made the settings, click Continue → button.
  3. he system will display a summary of the order where it is possible
    • you can modify the domain name registration period
    • you can cancel the order
    • you can also start an additional order
    • if you have a promotional code, you can specify it

    If all settings are correct, click the Checkout → button.

  4. You can then enter contact details for the domain name (owner, administrative or technical contact). For each order, you can use previously-entered contacts, but you also have the option to enter a new contact for each domain name.At the bottom of the page, you must choose a payment method that may be one of the following:
    • PayPal (immediately)
    • Credit card payment

    Next, check the box next to I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and then click the Complete Order → button.

  5. On the next page, enter the captcha code for the .hu domain name entry, and then click I agree button.
  6. After that, the system will automatically be redirected to the payment interface.
  7. After the payment completed, your order will be forwarded, and started to the Council of Hungarian Internet Providers (CHIP).

Once the domain name has been successfully registered, our system will send you an email notification to the email address provided at the account payer.

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