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.hu domain with cPanel provider

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If you want to use a .hu domain with a cPanel service provider, there are several ways to do this.

Convert your domain name server

If your service provider fits with the .hu domain technical check, you can directly switch the domain name servers. (This is not the case in most cases.) See Technical check problems

A record redirection

If you choose this method, the service provider may become a server and the site will not work!

If the service provider fails to fits with the technical check, you can set a record A for the service provider. The required IP address in cPanel is probably located in the Server Information at the bottom of the General Information box at the right.

Subdomain Name Server Switching

If nothing else helps you, you can choose a subdomain (eg blog.domainname.hu) that allows you to register your storage. To do this, two NS records must be added to the administrative interface. (Please note that there is no name server change but two new NS entries!) This looks pretty much like this:

blog.domainname.hu. IN NS ns2333.hostgator.com.
blog.domainname.hu. IN NS ns2334.hostgator.com.

The actual NS records must be read from cPanel! These are also most likely to be found at in the Server Information at the bottom of the General Information box at the right.
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