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How to add Addon or Parked domain

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For paid web hosting services, you have the option to add additional domain names beyond your domain name to your storage. You can also check the number of additional domain names that you specify in each hosting package on the page below: Storage Services.

What is the Additional Domain Name?

For cPanel storage, a main domain name that is assigned to the public_html folder is set at the time of ordering.

If you have more than one registered domain name (even with other registrars), you can switch to cPaneles hosting.

What is Alias?

You can set the domain name alias as unlimited to any cPaneles hosting package. If a domain name is used for aliases, it will display the same content as the main domain name in the browser after it is set up. The alias that are added to the cPanel interface can only be assigned to the public_html folder. If you add a domain name as alias to your storage, you will also need to migrate the name servers to cPaneles named names for correct operation.

In which case can I not add a domain name to an additional domain name or alias?

If you can not connect to storage if the domain name has been previously added to another hosting as an Additional Domain Name or alias. In this case, the domain name must first be separated from the other storage.

Pre requirements for the addon domains:

Prior to setup, we recommend that you check the cPanel interface number for the currently added and add-in Additional Domain Names. This can be viewed on the cPanel interface in the left column of stats in the Additional Domains line. If you are using the add-on domains that you can add, you can switch to a hosting package here.

Add an additional domain name to the cPanel interface

In cPanel, in the Domains box, select Additional Domains.
Here, you’ll need to provide the following information:

Create an Addon Domain
Add an Alias domain name to the cPanel interface

In cPanel, in the Domains box, select the Alias menu.
The following data must be provided:

Create a New Alias

Finally, click Add Domain. You can convert the accented domain names on the page below: Convert an accent domain name

Name server change process

For a domain name registered with DotRoll:

If the domain name is registered in the DotRoll system, the name servers of the domain name must be changed on the DotRoll administrative interface after the registration. 

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter DotRoll.com with your username and password.
  2. Click Domains -> My Domains
  3. Click the Active button for that domain name
  4. In the left Manage box, click Nameservers
  5. Check the Use webhosting nameservers option
  6. Click Change Nameservers button of the bottom.

For a domain name registered with another registrar organization:
In case the domain name was registered with another registrar organization, the name servers of the given registrar organization must be changed to:

  • Primary Nameserver: ns1.webspacecontrol.com
  • Secondary Nameserver: ns2.webspacecontrol.com

After changing the name servers, you have to wait until the DNS settings are updated; this may take up to 24-72 hours depending on the ISPs.

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