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How I do restore my webpage, if somebody hacked?

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Before restoring backups, we recommend backing up both the files and the database from the current state.

The databases created on the storage and the data uploaded to the storage space will be saved every Sunday at the end of each weekday. Backups can be retrieved for 3 weeks.

To access the backups, you must log in to the cPanel interface and then click on the Backup Handler icon in the Files box.

Once a page has been loaded, it is possible to restore the files or the database.

Restore files

If you want to restore the files, click on the Click here to mount the backup filesystem for 2 hours button at the top of the page. Your backups will be connected to your BCKP folder in your home directory in read-only format. The system saves the backups for 2 hours, but this can be restarted at any time after 2 hours countdown.

To do this, click Click here make available the backup directory for 2 hours from now. button.

Saved backups can be easiest to browse through with the cPanel file manager, and restore is the easiest one. To restore, select the files folder within which the backup date and then the file you want to restore, and simply drag the file or folder in the storage to the appropriate folder.

Of course, any connected backups have access to any FTP client program, but in this case, the file or folder you want to restore must first be copied to your computer and then uploaded to the destination directory because the FTP protocol does not support file and folder moving within the server.

Restore databases

Full database restore

You can also restore a complete database using Backup Handler.

Restore steps:

  • In the table at the bottom of the page, find the database you want to restore and select the date
  • Then select which database you want to restore the backup database
    • A If you do not want to empty that database, the Drop the target check box will not be checked, and then click Restore. In this case, the current and backup databases will be merged, but in the tables in both places, the rescue will replace the current one.
    • If you want to empty the current database, check the Drop the target check box, and then click Restore.

Partial Database Restore


If you want to restore only certain tables in a given database, we recommend downloading the entire database from the unplugged backups and then resetting the given tables.

  • To download, you must start the File Manager where you can navigate the left tree structure to the BCKP/sql folder.
  • Select the backup date and then the given database.
  • Then download the backup.
  • The downloaded file is bzip2 compressed so it must be decompressed with some compression program before use. The extracted file can now be opened with any popular word processor.
  • The data you want to restore can then be restored by using phpMyAdmin from cPanel.
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