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This Guide will Help you to edit Call to Action Widget Settings and Style.

Note: Widget gives you Default Style provided by theme, you can customize as per your needs using this guide.

Drag & Drop Call to Action Widget

When you Drag and Drop Call to Action Widget in a Page, You will see the image shown like below.


Call to Action Text

  • You can change or customize your Title, Subtitle and Text.
  • Text alignment gives you alignment of text.



Call to Action Background

  • You can change Background shape, Background predefined style or custom style.
  • You can change total width of background also.
  • You also changed button position in background shape and text of the button.



Call to Action Button

  • You can also give button link, and if you want that link open in new window, then click on checkbox.
  • Button shape gives shape of button and choose predefined button color from dropdown list.
  • Button size gives predefined Button size.



Call to Action Button Icon

  • Change Button Icon from Icon list.
  • Button Icon alignment gives alignment of Icon such as Left and Right.
  • Button animation gives animation from predefined dropdown list.



Call to Action Icon

  • You can also change Icon position from dropdown list.
  • Change Icon as per your choise from dropdown list.
  • Change predefined Icon color and custom color, If you choose custom color then you can change custom color.

  • Icon size gives you to change predefined size or custom size.
  • If you want’s to place half Icon on border then click on checkbox.
  • Icon animation provides to change animation style when page loads.

Call to Action Style

Style gives 2 types of style 1) Edit Element style and 2) Predefined style

  • Edit Element style gives custom style in that you can change custom background color, text color, margin, border-radius etc.
  • There is no predefined style but you can give your classes to define your custom style.


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