When book my payment?

The payment of the deposit and the ordered service are made after the money is received. Average lead times are as follows:

The ordered services can only be built if their fee has been received and posted to us!

When is my invoice ready?

Our system will generate your electronic account within the next few minutes after the payment has been deposited at the account manager’s name when you sign up. You can download your invoices from Billing / My Invoices.

Please note that the invoice is valid only in electronic form, not printed.

How can our financial officer / accountant know about issuing an invoice?

An account account can only have one email address, but there is a possibility to add a new contact.

The new contact may be granted entitlement as follows:

Subscriber privileges

Email settings

Based on these, the contact can download the payee, receive emails about the payments, and access the online interface to download the payments for the payments and start payment from the site.

Availability: Home-> Your Info box -> Update -> Contacts/Sub-Accounts

What should I do if I request the invoice in a different name?

In all cases (individual, self-employed person, company), a new account must be registered and subscriptions must be transferred from one account to another.

The exception is if a company is a legal successor, then there is no need to register a separate account because the data from the contact email address will be transferred to the existing account upon request.

You cannot transfer the subscriptions if you have an active fee requester, in this case, open an error ticket and request the cancellation of the fee requester. After the transfer, the extension must be ordered in the new account, because a new fee request is not automatically created.

I paid the bill, but I don't receive it. Where to find?

When registering the payment, we will send it to the contact email address by email, but you can download it again at any time in your account on the page under the menu item Billing --> My invoices.

Can I request the invoice to be sent by email again?

Yes, but we can only send it to the contact person's email address, we cannot send it to any other address for data protection reasons.

What should I do if I have received the proforma invoice but do not want to extend the service?

It is advisable to reply that you do not request it and indicate that you want to cancel the service. If you do not pay, your service will still be terminated, but until then, the automatic system will send some notification emails.

I want a paper-based invoice, I cannot store the electronic invoice.

We store the electronic invoice, if necessary we can resend the invoice with an electronic signature and time stamp at any time, or you can download it in your DotRoll account under the Billing - My Invoices menu item.

I paid the proforma invoice, but the service was not extended. What to do?

We can send a separate proforma invoice for hosting and domain maintenance. Please make sure that you have paid all claimants. If the automatic renewal of the domain is switched off, no proforma invoice is prepared and the domain expires, in which case you must order its renewal.

If they are all in order, please send the transfer receipt, which contains the transaction ID (do not send a screenshot), so that we can check it with our bank.

I want to change a my package, when can I do it?

In case of switching to a smaller package, it is worth switching at the anniversary, i.e. when the given service would expire. You can switch to a larger package at any time in the DotRoll account, the system will invoice you for the time-proportional difference.

Can I pay for my service for several years in advance?

Yes, you can order in the branch and choose a period from the drop-down list. There are different maximum-year options for domain names. For storage facilities, it can be extended to a maximum of 3 years.

I set up automatic payment on the first purchase, but I also received the proforma invoice.

The proforma invoice is sent two weeks before the due date, there is nothing to do with it if automatic payment is set. In this case, the system will deduct the money 3 days before the expiration date.

You can set up automatic payment during the first payment or subsequent payments, but you must use your bank card for this. In addition, the default payment setting in the DotRoll account under the Account Details menu item must be bank card payment.

If you are not sure whether you have enabled automatic payments, go to your account at and check under Settings - Manage Credit Card token.

Due to bank security provisions, the bank may refuse the transaction, but in this case, we will send an email about the unsuccessful bank card payment and you must log in and try the payment with the card again.


I was by the Webserver company, why do I get 2 proforma invoice, when it used to be one?

With Webserver, for example, hosting and domain were classified as 1 item, but in fact, these are two different services, and at DotRoll we keep track of them according to their actual expiration dates.

I was by the Webserver company, I didn't pay that much there and these prices are not on the site, why does it cost me more?

We bill the services at the list prices received from the Webserver, which also includes price increases since acceptance. If one of the DotRoll price packages is suitable, taking into account the utilization of the storage space, you have the option to switch to a DotRoll price package. You can request this from our colleagues by email.